Monday, 4 August 2014

how to stop unwanted junk e-mails for free


      I know its very frustrated to see junk mails coming to your personal email and gives you pain to clean it.
you can use an option like Filter to clean the data.

Let us consider Gmail Filter options

Step 1 :
Log in to  E-mail account and search for Filter option provided by your e-mail service company. For Gmail ,

Step 2:
Click on Filter Messages like these option then you can see screen like this then click on create filter with this search.

Step 3: 

Now you can do any thing you want to do on this e-mail . you can delete ,star it, mark as read and other . out surverys

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How Facebook store data and images

what is cloud computing?
   Cloud Computing is a technology used to store huge amounts of data in imaginary data server called cloud. Its main purpose to serve any where , any time data. one access to see data.

    Primary pro is Infrastructure-less. Let us consider story of Pinterest company . It start up company used Amazon EC2(Elastic cloud) and hosted their application . Amazon EC2 is brilliant architecture which can be expanded the CPU usage of  servers on traffic increase. Now you can see that Pin Interest did not worry about server setup , software resources and employees for handling those. it just concentrated on their main business to server the users rather than focusing of infrastructure.

     Pinterest pays about $52 an hour to Amazon during peak hours of the day, and about $15 during the night when traffic on the app is less (most of its customers are in the US).

Cloud Computing use by Facebook